Hello my little bunnies, I wish you all a Happy Easter and lots and lots of chocolate eggs! As usual, during spring break the easter weekend is always a bit cloudy, this explains the contrasts between my last posts outfit and this one. No I did not change country, still the same place just colder..

For this years easter, I did not go egg hunting nor bring someone to go egg hunting nor did I hide eggs for someone, how boring right? I miss these good old days when my mom used to hide chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs in the garden, give me and my brother a lovely basket and ready, set - GO! My brother as older, taller, bigger and whatever you want more than me always found all the eggs before me - leaving me with a few.. Not only we had chocolates but my parents used to buy us little presents to go with, such a good memory. I can imagine myself all small and cute with a little bow on the head running in the garden looking in every flower/ bush/tree for chocolate bunnies. I wish someone somewhere would organise a grown up egg hunt in a beautiful garden, how cool would it be? Instead, for today's easter day I went to the beach for a lovely lunch with my family and friends and still had the chance to eat a few chocolate eggs that I didn't find of course.. 

Effortless chic was today's mantra, no complication, no heels, no dress, just comfortable and stylish at the same time. As you may have noticed I have way more layers than in my previous post, it's just because since a few days St Tropez became much more cold than it used to be - So, no more nude legs and no more sleeveless tops.. I really hope it gets better. Anyways, still feeling like the beginning of summer, I wore high waisted denim shorts I recently purchased from the brand Please, with a {also} denim shirt, this old blazer from Cerruti I stole in my mom's closet, how gorgeous? & Finally, my new baby from Chanel that adds the perfect little touch of colour. I bought it on my way back home with my mom, it's such a classic and timeless piece I know I will keep it and wear it for ever. This is why I love Chanel so much - Yes it's expensive, Yes it's just a bag but think of it as an investment. Two things about Chanel: first, once you own one it's for life and second, you can never go wrong. 

Blazer, Cerruti (similar here) & (here)
Denim Shirt, Denim Co (similar here)
Shorts, Please
Boots, Stephane Kelian
Bag, Chanel

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