Bonjour les chéris! My first post in St Tropez since January, I've been missing this little town so much. Living in Milan is great but there's just something special about this place...

I don't know if it's the fact that I've lived here for more than 6 years or if it's the cosy atmosphere and serenity that surrounds it, but I've been back for less than 5 days and It feels just great. I love big towns such as London and Milan, but I love the beach, the sea and this relaxing atmosphere so much that it's a pure pleasure to come back home when possible. My house here was originally a summer house that then became our current house for 6 years and again a summer house when my family and I moved to London. Here's just heaven, Theres just everything, my favorite spot: the terrace with the sun beds and the pool, a kitchen always full of food and most of all a smoothie machine which I use everyday and don't know how I'm living without in Milan.

Since I arrived I had such a light and cool planning; Tanning, walking around, seeing my family & friends and going to the beach - Not to forget, today I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair as I had a really bad experience at the hairdresser in Milan, what do you guys think? I really needed a cut on the ends, I have this tendency to take off myself the split ends which I know isn't good - It became a habit each time I'm stressed or bored to just touch my hair, only one here?

It's been really hot in south of France and having a bit of wind was just perfect (you can see on the pictures my hair is going everywhere). Ok, stop the bla bla I know what you all want to know! When, where and how did I get these absolutely amazing and gorgeous Chanel sneakers? Well, it's simple.. I sold my body for them. Just kidding! It actually all happened during christmas holidays as I wanted to get these beauties for my mom's birthday. I tried all the Chanel stores in London, and NOTHING! I was getting so impatient and nervous, why couldn't I find them? I gave up until the moment I remembered that a friend of mines brother works for Chanel, I contacted him and he managed to find me the shoes. I owe him big time! In short, yeah they're not mine and yeah I stole them from my mom, just one more thing between all the other stuff I stole from her. Well actually, I did an investment - bought the shoes for my mom and when I can I seal them, Isn't it the perfect plan? Anyways, more than the shoes, I wanted to wear something very simple to let the shoes talk for themselves and shine! Which means, very casual denim Levis shorts matching with this (also) denim Dior bag, a neon yellow jumper to add a pop of color and classic Ray Ban sunnies. Simple, effortless and stylish.

Jumper, Zara (similar here)
Shorts, Levis
Sneakers, Chanel
Bag, Dior
Sunglasses, Ray Ban (similar here)

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