Blossomed trees, warm temperature, blue sky, exams done.. Wait a minute, would it mean it's already.. 
SPRING BREAK!!!!!!! Just thinking about it makes me so excited and joyful! As a matter of fact, I was already heading to St Tropez first thing in the morning to see my lovely mama and family...

I think what I'm the most excited about is the weather there, all week I've been seeing on Instagram pictures of friends and people at the beach already tanning. Say what!? I know, how come, right? Well I will figure this out for you lovelies tomorrow. I am taking the train from Milano to Ventimiglia and my mom will pick me up there and then St Tropez here we come!!! During these 3/4 hours of train I am going to need to get busy and entertain myself as my babe won't be there to make me laugh or just be silly. I guess I'll just put 2 movies and I will arrive in no time! I am like those kids you put in front of a movie and they don't move till the end.. How lucky is Vic, right? 

As the other time when we went to Porta Ticinese we ate again at Ralph's a delicious and healthy meal. After walking down the street I saw from far this beautiful and colourful wall, I just had to go closer and see this piece of art - and thanks god I did. How amazing is this wall? Amazingly and most of all surprisingly my outfit kind of matched the style and colours of the wall.. I have to say, these couple of days I've been such in a hippie and cool mode, It probably comes from all the Coachella vibes I get from the people I follow on Instagram or Facebook. Am I the only one that wishes to be there right now? Hear good music, dance till sunrise, wear shorts all day, have flowers in the hair... I could continue for 10 pages, but it makes me "depressive" and for you well it's boring! 

Back to the outfit! As you may know, I am a sort of a "shopaholic" and more than buying all the time outdoors I may buy a lot indoors which in other words means online.. And one of my favorite online shop is Asos, when I was on the site the other day I found this fabulous cropped jumper (that I would totally wear for Coachella). In addition to this I decided to wear my fav summer hat from Zadig & Voltaire, these Zara heels I absolutely love because they are so comfortable as being super stylish and the final touch with my denim Chanel bag that matches my jeans.

Jumper, Asos
Jeans, Top Shop
Shoes, Zara
Bag, Chanel (similar here)

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