Hello loves! Haven't been posting for nearly a week now, couldn't wait to publish a new article.
I have exams this week and I have to say I am a bit freaked out to do them entirely in Italian. Anyways, after 6 long and painful days, here it is...

Remember when I said I was doing too much shopping? Well apparently I didn't stop cause here is one of the goodies I ordered online the other day. How gorgeous is this BCBG jumpsuit? I saw it, fell in love and took out my boyfriend's credit card. (kidding!) - Or am I?.. You know, sometimes you see something and you just know you need it and since I received it I could't wait for the perfect day to wear it, and today was the day - Being home for two days, 23 degrees outside, a lot of work done and hungry as someone that hasn't ate for a few days, there we were on our way to this beautiful place called Porta Ticinese. This area of Milan is such a beautiful place, a mix of old and new. Let me explain, the buildings, the monuments makes this place a very antic and classic whereas, the graffitis, the stylish people and the very modern restaurants brings a sort of youngness and coolness. While walking down these beautiful streets we might have stopped for a delish fruit juice after eating a super healthy meal at Ralph's. Recently I've been so into a healthy mood, not eating a lot of fat stuff, but loving fruits instead. Thanks to this I feel so pumped up and full of energy, which I need as I don't sleep much. 

{ Fashion, Fashion! } To go with my beloved new jumpsuit I decided to wear these Zadig & Voltaire boots to break the classic and maybe formal look of the jumpsuit; as well as this vintage belt my mom bought in Marrakech a long time ago, that dresses up the whole outfit - and of course my super cute Chanel bag. This vintage belt only suits me on my waist as when my mom bought it I was probably 13 and obviously a lot smaller and thinner. I found it great that it still suits me there, it's a beautiful souvenir and truly, who doesn't need a waist belt to go with high waisted shorts, dresses or in this case.. Jumpsuit. Enjoy your sunday night X

Jumpsuit, BCBG
Belt, Vintage
Bag, Chanel
Bracelet, Hermes & Gas ("bonheur") (Feather)
Sunnies, Ray Ban's (similar here)

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