Finally! No more big and uncomfortable jackets, no more boots, no more messy and dark hair and most of all bye bye white skin. I already realised in London that the weather was much better but it's just today, back in Milan that I finally felt close to summer...

It was such a hustle to choose what to wear this morning, I didn't know whether to wear jeans or something more short such as a skirt. This period of the year is very complicated because, it's very warm so you could wear a skirt. Although, March isn't suppose to be a time of the year to wear short stuff, so you may look a bit stupid walking on the road while everyone else is still in jeans. Understand my problem? In the end as you can see I ended up wearing Boyfriend jeans as I thought wearing a skirt was maybe too soon - and I was right! Thanks god I didn't pull off this skirt otherwise I would have looked like an alien in the middle of people still wearing big jackets, jumpers and boots. I couldn't help wonder, were these people not hot wearing such warm cloths, or did they just keep everything on trying to hide the fact that they made a weather mistake?

To not be to summerish I opted for a light and casual yet stylish outfit, pulling it off with these beautiful and chic pointed toe heels from Kurt Geiger (that you might have seen me buy on Instagram and Facebook). I never had this kind of shoes as I thought I was way too young to wear them. In fact, the pointed toe heel is kind of the typical "secretary and working girl" shoe - which I am not (yet). However, recently seeing these shoes everywhere made me want to try and see if whether or not they suited me, and I have to say I was quite surprised! I tried them and found them just perfect and my cliche was gone. Here I am now wearing the "secretary's shoes".

T-shirt and Jeans, Zara
Jacket, Vintage
Pointed heels, Kurt Geiger
Bracelets, Hipanema & Gas
Bag, Goyard
Sunnies, Ray Ban

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