Hello sweeties! Excited for the weekend or what? I am uncontrollable, can't wait to be saturday as I am going to probably one of the best locations in Milan. To be continued tomorrow.. But for now let's talk about today shall we?...

One question (affirmation), how fabulous are the pics? Sometimes I am so amazed by Vic's pictures, it is crazy how he manages to capture some little moments that add this little thing to my posts! 100% Bravo to him. As he often says: "you're the model, I am the photographer so shut up!". My favourite part of the day is choosing my outfit, even if it takes 5 minutes or one hour I just hate leaving home not liking my outfit, don't get me wrong, when I wear something I don't really like I feel just uncomfortable and insecure. Am I crazy or it happens to other people? This feeling you have when you wear a killer outfit is probably one of the best in the world when you are passionate about fashion, am I wrong? It's a very strong feeling that changes your mood, your way of interacting with people and your way of moving. I am not saying that when I am wearing the "killer outfit" I step on people, NO! Wearing the "killer outfit" makes you confident, more sociable and in a super positive mood! This is why I try my best everyday to wear cloths I love and that matches well, and I am not talking about outfits including heels, as most of the time I like keeping "my feets on the ground",  just casual even simple outfits.

Talking about killer outfits, today to be honest I didn't spend a long time looking for what to wear, surprisingly it was very fast but efficient! As the weather was just fabulous I decided to open my summer suitcase and get these shorts out to pull them off with this Eleven Paris top I should definitely wear more often and my favourite knee boots from Stuart Weitzman. For the accessorises I chose this River Island clutch I bought during the winter sales in Selfridges (London) and some arm and finger accessorises. In case it would get cold I took this denim beauty from Sandro. 

As I said in the beginning tomorrow is gonna be a blast! I am putting so much enthusiasm in this event that it might actually turn out to be bad as I expect it to be perfect. This secret location will be revealed tomorrow, can't wait! But for now, have a great friday night X

Denim Jacket, Sandro (similar here)
T-shirt, Eleven Paris
Shorts, Atmosphere
High Boots, Stuart Weitzman
Bag, River Island
Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana
Ring, Top Shop (similar here)

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