Spring it is loves! So excited about it, finally a weather to wear open shoes, bright colours and light jackets. To celebrate this beautiful day and period of the year I decided to go to the hairdresser to cut a little bit - Although, what I did in the end wasn't really cutting... 

I went to Maison Mami, a beautiful, chic and classy location with the most talented hairdressers. At first I went just for a hair cut, but one thing leading to another I was doing a very natural summer look ombre. To be honest, it was absolutely not planned. Let me explain, the girl started talking about possible looks for my hair and suggested a natural ombre would look amazing, I agreed with her saying it would look nice but actually never said i wanted to do it. Once in the washing area I sit and there she was doing the ombre. I was stuck, like paralysed and couldn't find the words in Italian to stop it. Once it was finished, the woman asked me if I had 15 minutes to spare, I obviously said yes as I had nothing planned, and there I was under a heating thing with cellophane paper on my head. I bet you can imagine how scarred I was. I quickly called Vic and asked him how much all this would be as the cut was already 70€.. Once all this was done it was time to dry and cut my hair, but as i knew the ombre plus the collagen mask was certainly expensive I took the decision to not cut my hair. I was definitely right as all this without the cut cost me 90€.
In short! The beginning of the day was kind of chaotic as I was completely under the power of this hairdresser, making me do everything she wanted without actually asking me. But, in the end I have to admit that the result was and is pretty amazing, it's such a natural ombre, just as if I went to the Maldives for a week (I wish).

Ok, end of the little story. After having my hair done, Vic and I went to Ripa di porta ticinese, which is a beautiful Venice look alike place with it's little houses, the water in the middle and cute restaurants. For this occasion, I took out the white pants and the ballerinas that i assorted with my "Celine Paris" tee you can find here, my fav Sandro Jacket and of course THE sunglasses. 

Ps. Im off for the week, so it's like little spring holidays, yihaaa! 

Denim Jacket, Sandro
Tee, "Celine"
Pants, Zara
 Ballerinas, Chanel
Bag, Chanel
Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana

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