Waouuw did you guys see that pictures? big BRAVO to Vic for capturing this moment, perfect timing! Ok, enough congratulating. Today marks the last day of our road trip, bouhouu.. It was such a fun and entertaining trip! Would definitely do it again. Next weekend? (kidding)...

For our last day in Switzerland - Lugano, Vic took me to this magical spot called Chiesa di Sant'Abbondio in Collina d'Oro, located right next to the american boarding school he used to go to. It is an old church that as you can see has been maintained very well, the prefect shooting place for a perfect day that started at 11am today. Starting with a good shower, followed by an amazing pasta with truffle lunch (and a Nutella crepe, shhh) and ended with this shoot right before leaving for Milan. So sad to have left the beautiful Lugano but still happy to be back where I now call home, Milan.

For this afternoons shoot I decided to wear very bright colours as it was a beautiful sunny day, plus these colours go very well with my new hair! hehe - Ok. Let's go straight to the point, WHAT A BAG! isn't it? I feel so lucky to have it, for me it's one of the master piece of Louis Vuitton's new collection. It is handy, cute and it is possible to wear it in different ways depending on the outfit and the occasion. Go check the LV website to see the other colours available. The rest of the outfit is composed of a very cool Maje jean, my often worn Zadig & Voltaire cowboy boots and a Marks & Spencer jumper that has more than 10 years as I stole it from my mom that bought it when M&S used to be THE thing. And thanks to me wearing it, it still is. For the accessories I chose brown goldish pieces with the golden feather I stole from my mom (yes, one more thing I stole from her) and this fabulous Hermes bracelet that also belongs to my mom but also a bit to me. I'll explain an other time, but for now just enjoy the post, Kisses  

Ps. Did you guys meet this little guy I bumped into today while he was playing with his ball?

Jumper, Marks & Spencer (10 year old)
Pants, Maje 
Boots, Zadig & Voltaire
Sunnies, Ray Ban
Bracelet, Hermes

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