YOLO! This was yesterday's mood. Let me explain, while watching the walking dead Vic and I decided to leave the following morning to Lugano, a wonderful and peaceful place of Switzerland at only an hour and a half from Milano...

Ready, set - GO! Waking up at 9 this morning we went straight to a car rental company without even booking anything - still hoping to get a good one. And we did. The new Smart, automatic, panoramic roof and in a very chic black colour. Jackpot! 10:30 off we were on the road, well not exactly.. I convinced Vic to stop in a healthy juice/smoothy place to get pumped up for the road. 11:00 There we were on the highway. Vic as the driver and me as the "DJ" / Co driver / Dancer / Singer, I'll let you imagine how it looked like... 12:00 "Vic can we stop at the Lake of Como? please please please!!" - Yes I'm annoying but it works, hehe. After a few (many) pictures, off we go again on the highway singing (screaming) our fav songs. 13:00 we finally arrived in Lugano and remaining in our YOLO state of mood we went to the hotel without booking and thanks god they had space. From then Vic showed me around and took me for lunch where I had an amazing escalope milanese. Love this place, so calm, beautiful and clean.

For today's road trip I was wearing a very comfortable outfit as we were gonna stay in the car for a while. I don't wear my Nikes often so this trip was the perfect occasion, I dressed them up with this perfect slit skirt and a cropped jumper. Oh and I nearly forgot my wonderful bag from Louis Vuitton that a person I love very much gave me for christmas. I love it so much, even though It's hard to wear it with everything, when I manage to do so it looks just fantastic.

Ps. I decided to make a new video of this crazy road trip, so get ready to see me dance sing and be all silly - and all this in a little smart. I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweethearts, Love!

Cropped jumper, Zara
Slit skirt, H&M (similar here)
Sneakers, Nike
Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana

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