Hi my loves! After a few days without posting feels so good to be back on the blog and share a new outfit and some new tips and stories with you...

Since the beginning of the week me going to classes has been really rare, plus some of them were cancelled - so I am seriously asking myself what have I been doing all this time? Well I actually know and people that know me must too. As we all know Milan is known for it's fashion and many many shops, so what else than Outlets? People from the city told me about a few that offer some great brands such as, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Balmain, Burberry, Mc Queen and so many others at 50% off - dreamy isn't it? In short, after writing the names and adresses of all these fabulous places I was already on my way to check them out. First one on my way was Matia's, located right after the famous road: Monte Napoleone. The brands and cloths they offered were a bit old fashioned and not very young, I still managed to find some very nice goodies for summer that you will see soon. Next one on my way was this very trendy and fashionable outlet called DMagazine - First step in the shop and here I was in HEAVEN! Isabel Marant, D&G, Valentino and so anymore were calling me. I took everything I saw and god knows how difficult it was for me after to choose which articles to buy and bring back home. After a (very) long reflection and trying them out I decided to buy an Isabel Marant pant and two bikinis from Missoni. Ok it's 50% off but when one article is 300€ take 50% off and it still does 150€ so I couldn't go cray cray as I could have.

Enough of shopping! I really think I might have "shopping problem" (to not say shopaholic), cause after buying so many cloths in these outlets, already yesterday I was on my laptop doing online shopping! HELP! Anyway, for today's very casual day I wore my favorite "Celine Paris" tee with denim shorts that make me feel in summer and Chanel ballerinas that I deeply love and that goes perfectly with this Dior bag! I accessorised the outfit with some bracelets from Hermes and Gas and some rings - Not to forget these vintage Chanel sunnies that belonged to my grandma then my mom and now me. As you can see they are very small so they don't really suit me, although, I did find a solution wearing them only on my head (plus it holds my hair).

Coat, Oakwood
Shorts, Zara
Ballerinas & sunnies, Chanel
Bag, Dior
Bracelet, Hermes & Gas

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