Hola sweethearts! Here's the fabulous experience i promised you. So, yesterday as i already told you in my previous post (here) I had the great opportunity to visit the atelier of two jewel creators/designers said "gemologist", called Antonio and Pablo Jordan Sanchis. At the age of thirteen Antonio was already winning his first international award in an adult competition, please. And, today they are selling their designs in some of the best jewellery's of Valencia and Spain. The amount of awards hanged to the wall proves it all...

From Rubies to Sapphires or even Diamonds here are pictures of their creations. As you can see I didn't wait even a second to try on some of their best designs, I'm just a girl after all! As you may know, I am not the jewel type of girl, don't get me wrong! I love them but I often forget to wear some, this is why on my posts there isn't often jewels in my outfits. The reason is, i just forget to wear them, i often think of wearing bracelets or rings when i already left. Am i the only one? 

On my left: Antonio Jordan Sanchis and on my right: Pablo Jordan Sanchis
For more details and informations visit the Instagram page: @pablojordan74

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