Hello my loves! Hope you are doing well and that you had an amazing, peaceful and fun weekend. I've been quite busy on my side, after last days post i had a few problems with my skin. Probably a little allergy with the makeup and the sun combined, which made my eyes as big as two ping pong balls, I could barely open them. No big deal right? Well at least now i know how those ugly fish with these huge eyes feel like...

 This is why, wanting to go for brunch so badly my only option was to hide behind sunglasses and show myself around. Talking about brunch i finally tasted the famous and so trendy-Cronut.
Anyway, (back home) after applying tones of creams it finally started to get better. Fast forward to this morning where everything was gone, I felt so relieved and happy, I could finally go out and enjoy my holidays in Spain without hiding home or behind sunglasses.  

To celebrate the healing of my eyes, my boyfriend/best friend/photograph/guide and I went for a healthy and non caloric lunch at Valen & cia . Burgers.. We'd be lying if we didn't admit they were delicious and surprisingly not that fat; but still we said no to the deserts, it was physically impossible even though mentally i was totally ready for it! - Done with the restaurant I was excited and impatient to take new pictures. This is why we walked towards the centre of Valencia where is located this beautiful, open space market. 

The outfit i chose for this relax burger/open market day is a casual mixed with chic outfit, as usual i'd like to say. You might have noticed that i am literally in love with these befriend jeans from Zara. 
Seriously, they are the Sh*t! Suiting any occasions day or night. I accessorised these ripped jeans with a simple dark blue T-Shirt and a matching Jacket, full of little details simply stunning, such as sequins and flake on the collar and forearm. Shoes, I opted for Minelli beige boots with a little heal making this outfit not too formal, just enough. 

Jacket, Zara - T-shirt, Maje - Bag, Celine - Shoes, Minelli - Jean, Zara - 
Phone case, Moschino (here)

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