HOLA my dear fashion lovers! Today was a very lazy day, I woke up late and still felt like sleeping all day. Although, i still managed to get my butt of the sofa and go visit around...

We did a bit of shopping and ended up in front of the beautiful town hall of Valencia, so we decided to take a few pictures in front of it. But soon after we had to stop as I was craving a frozen yogurt, it's been maybe two months that i am dreaming of one and never found the time or the energy to go get one. Finally i did, I can finally say, mission accomplished..

Todays outfit was very simple, all about neutral colours with the matching Chanel shoes and bag, the black laced leather pants and the touch of natural colour with the kaki jumper from M&S. A little anecdote on these pants, they're from the collaboration of Isabel Marant with H&M and the day this collection was out, it was the craziest day ever in the H&M's stores. Their was literally nothing left when i went and i think i might have been the luckiest person. In fact, someone brought these pants back as they didn't suit them, so the seller actually hang this pair of jean right in front of me. No way i would have got it otherwise..

Also, as i am in Spain for a few weeks i decided to make a video of my holidays here, i always wanted to make one but to be honest i don't find it easy and never thought i was meant to do this. Doing pictures is one thing but filming is something else. I am already very shy taking pictures (it may not look like it). I feel stupid when i am "posing" in front of a camera and people are staring at me, I know i can't really say this as i have a fashion blog and taking pictures is the foundation of it, though it is not easy for me. I am not this extravagant, careless person that doesn't mind being in the middle of a crowd staring at you, this is why I often try to find calm and not crowded areas to take pictures. Once i see there is not much people around i can finally be me and become all crazy in front of the camera, I love being all natural and crazy but it is difficult for me to do it in front of people. I am working hard on it, with time i become more and more confident and with the help of my boyfriend i finally feel like I can do all these things i dream about, with or without people staring at me. 

Jumper, Marks & Spencer 
Leather pants, Isabel Marant x H&M 
Ballerinas, Chanel - 
Fur, Vintage 
Bag, Chanel

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