Today marks my last day in London before Milan. No more family nor prepared food nor washed cloths and most of all.. no more little angel Tess, I'm on my own now. Wow feels weird, I don't realise it yet as it's the first time I will live for such a long time without my parents..

I've been so used to the family life, watching my mom cook diner, throw my cloths in the dirty basket and find them clean the next day, I can't help wonder.. Will i manage to do all  this by my own? and will i manage to keep my cloths the same size? No kidding, the last time I washed cloths was my best friends jumper and let's just say he could have gave it to a 8 year old kid, so here's a pretty big deal! I think, the one that is the most scarred is Vic, living with me can be obviously a pleasure! But also quite complicated. Ok, the good sides: I cook (quite well), I bake (deliciously), I organise everything and last but not least I laugh all the time, which  makes any man happy. On the other side: When it's a mess i get nervous and angry, I hate repeating things too much and I spend a lot of time blogging. What do you think? Am i cool to live with or is he going to suffer? (don't be too harsh, please).

In order to stay calm and not stress about my departure and leaving my family, I decided to wear one of my fav T-shirt "Carpe that fuc**** diem" from Brandy Melville to adopt the mood. Additionally, I am wearing this beautiful hat that i bought in a little hat shop in Notting Hill. I added some fun accessorises to spice it up. My fav rings from Zara and this beautiful bracelet which was a gift from my mom after she went to Miami.

Jacket, Asos 
Top, Brandy Melville
Jeans, Cimarron
Hat, Vintage
Boots, Kurt Geiger 
Bag, River Island

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