Adios Espana ! Back in London for a few days before leaving again to Milan. But first, my flight. I wonder where it went wrong between being packed as a Mexican selling sombreros, waiting for the plane to land outside on the airport runway or seating next to a rasta man with dreadlocks? I think, the only reason why i’m frustrated is because i couldn’t eat my muffin because of the smell.. 

Anyway, I’m home safe now and have to pack two (or three) suitcases for my four months to come in Milan. Never packed for such a long period, i wonder if everything will fit *crossed fingers*. Can’t wait to be in the city of fashion, of food and hot chocolate. I can’t help wonder, will i manage to stay fit during these four months, or will i let go everything and come back with a few (more than a few) kilos? This is the question.. Stay tuned to see what happens!

For today’s outfit i was in a tartan mood, wearing this new cropped shirt from Zara that i found just perfect! To make it less formal and more casual i decided to wear these boyfriend jeans i know you guys love! (so do I). These heals also from Zara are one of the only heels i feel like wearing during the day as they are open and not that extravagant. 

Cropped shirt - Boyfriend jeans - Heels, Zara (here)

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