Good morning everyone! Yesterday as i was bored home I decided to go near the Duomo to do makeup shopping, OK. All sort of shopping...

Anyways, as you may know KIKO is an italian brand, actually from Milan, so, the prices are pretty good. This is why I kind of went shopping crazy, until i realised I actually had similar stuff home, reasonably I put everything down and took only what i needed. Which includes: a new pencil eyeliner, a bronzer and a new customised palette with basis colours for everyday life. Talking about KIKO, there is currently great promotional offers on their website, discounts from 25% to 70% on lipstickswinter creams and all sorts of products. Go quick check it out before it ends!

I then went to Sephora to buy only a primer when a girl in the entrance gave me a 20% discount on every single products in the store, what a deal right? So, I did buy my primer but also, a varnish and an other eye powder palette with beautiful blue/grey colours. You may be thinking, why did she only buy this with a 20% discount? Well the answer is simply that, even though the articles were 20% off they were still expensive, around 35€ just for the primer and taking off 20% doesn't make such a huge difference, So in the end ye si payed less but still quite a lot for makeup.

What was doing Vic when i was shopping i bet you are all wondering? Well he was right next to me and very kind helping me choose. No, just kidding! He was obviously bored as a 12 year old without playstation and on his phone the whole time. Can't blame him, right? Still cute to be accompanying me everywhere.. 

What do you guys think of the goodies i bought? Any suggestions on what I should have bought?

Laced top, Zara (here)
Skirt, Zara (here)
Eye pencil, KIKO (here)
Eyeshadow, KIKO (N295 - 213 - 239 - 203)  
Eyeshadow, Sephora (02 Smoky Blue)
Primer, Makeup Forever (N7 Rose)
Top coat nail polish, Sephora (here)

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