One word. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Let me explain you, yesterday i was walking around the city doing a bit of shopping when i decided to buy new sunglasses. Recently i fell in Love with the Olivia Palermo sunglasses style, all black, very classy and in an usual shape. So, i gave these details to the seller, in spanish please! and she made me a little selection. From Raybans to Dolce & Gabbana and Prada I wanted them all...

Unfortunately, 10 minutes before i was going shopaholic style in Zadig & Voltaire, so, I promised my credit card and boyfriend to stop spending. But sorry sunglasses are kind of emergency spending no? Without them how can i protect my eyes? Ok, no more excuses..

Anyway, i first tried Raybans, but don't get me wrong, super stylish Raybans, when i say super, i mean all leather sunglasses or military. Looked pretty good, but wasn't amazed. Then came along the D&G ones, as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City may say: "it was love at first sights", So i tried them on and there i was, amazed. But, (there is always a but to everything!) they felt a bit big and obviously for these glasses they did not have smaller sizes. Disappointed i started looking around and there they were, the most beautiful, original and incredibly stylish sunglasses, Thank you Prada. I saw them, took them, tried them and fell in love (sorry Vic). Ok, you may think that they are very weird, unusual and not appropriate for every season and you are right. Although, they are original (so either it suits you or not), expensive (so not a lot of people will have them) and perfect for summer (which is good as i will be in summer for more than 7 months as from august i will be in Buenos Aires). Anyway, i was decided, credit card out, ready to pay when suddenly i realised that i didn't even know how much they cost. I asked, and here i was disappointed again; 370 € and on sale, please. Whaaaaaaaat? Had to leave them behind and decided to take the D&G ones that were a great deal, 100€ instead of 220€. 

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