February 07, 2014


Hey guys! here's the second part of this "City of Arts" post. I am sure you are all wondering: Why do two different posts for the same outfit? Well the answer is very simple, I didn't do this post to show my outfit, but, to show the diversity of themes and shapes this "City" offers...

As you can see, in the previous post it was all about water and shapes, whereas, in this part it is about nature. I believe that the sort of cage surrounding this space suggests protection, and so in this case, protection of the nature. Yes i'm done being all philosophical. But in my defence i did a literature/philosophy baccalaureate so analysing little details like this became an habit during 2 years, glade i still have it!

Anyway, if you guys have the opportunity to come to Valencia one day you definitely have to come here, it's such a nice place to walk around and visit. 

Jumper, Zadig & Voltaire 
Skirt and Rings, Zara 
High boots, Stuart Weitzman (here) - 
Sunnies, Dolce & Gabbana (here) 
Bracelet, Hermes 
Bag, Chanel

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