Andiamo! That's what I said this morning when I was asked to go for brunch. Breakfast, brunch, toasts, pancakes, waffles e tutti quanti are my favourite dishes and meals. So, we decided to go to the Westin Palace to taste their famous brunch buffet that was simply amazing - Italian style, but still managed to have my pancakes! Yeepyyy..

After having filled my belly with pancakes, donuts, scrambled eggs and fruits I was ready to take pictures. For today's outfit, I am wearing my new fox top from Zadig & Voltaire and my skinny "snake" pants from Miss London. All beige/caramel was today's mantra. As you may have seen I often wear black and grey as it is very easy to wear everyday and with everything (plus, it makes you more skinny), Brownish colours are always a bit more complicated and definitely less worn.

Today symbolises my last day of holiday, so sad and depressing.. Ok, fair enough I had two months of holidays but it is always hard to go back to studying, especially when you are starting in a new school, talking a new language and with people you don't know. All this to say that I feel very stressed for tomorrow, the school is so big I might get lost somewhere in the finance department, where I would definitely be lost as maths isn't my thing. Anyway, wish me luck guys! Kiss

Jacket, Oakwood
Top, Zadig & Voltaire (similar here)
Boots, Z&V (similar here)
Pants, Miss London
Hat, Sisley
Bag, Stella McCartney (similar here)

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