January 18, 2014


On Weekends there's a day where i usually don't post any outfits, i just need that day off to stay in my sweatpants and not get dressed and go out to take pictures. We all need a day like this, don't we? So from now on, instead of doing nothing, i decided to do each weekend a food or drink recipe, 100% healthy. So today, i decided to do a healthy and fresh breakfast smoothie, perfect for people who are in a hurry or are on diet.


-One handful of strawberries
-One handful of raspberries 
-150 g of low fat yogurt 
-150 g of soya milk (or skimmed milk)
-50 g of muesli 


For this smoothie recipe no need to know the steps, prepare and weight all the ingredients and poor them all in the mixer. mix for at least 3 minutes for a smooth and light texture with no bits. 


This smoothie is great for breakfast as it combines: fruits, dairy products and crunch with the muesli. The best thing about this breakfast drink is that, once you drank it you feel full and energised for the rest of the day. It's a very good and healthy food alternative for diets.

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