January 16, 2014


Heaven - Word of the day. As you can guess, i was walking by Kings Road after doing my pedicure and all of a sudden my eyes got attracted by the cutest and most delicious looking bakery...

I had to go in and ask to take pictures as these are the most gorgeous cakes on earth! I couldn't try them today as i was in a hurry, but promise next time i'll taste and i'll tell you more about it. Can't be disappointed, can i? This delicious shop is called L'Eto, so if you're around and have nothing to do go check it out, well taste it out! You can also order online (how great).

Anyway, between the pedicure and the cakes i still managed to take a few pictures. Today i decided to wear a casual chic outfit. Mixing everyday boots with a formal pant and blazer, adding a touch of craziness with the crop top and colour with the bag. Simple, fast and easy.

Wish you a great day, Love.

Blazer, Zara 
Crop top, Brandy & Melville 
Pants, Zara 
Belt, Molly Bracken  
Boots, Zadig & Voltaire (here)
Bag, Chanel

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