September 08, 2015


I can now reveal what I have been working on for the past couple of weeks.. Are you guys ready? Well.. Rimmel and I have been collaborating on the making of this makeup tutorial in order to show all you beauty lovers how to apply their new Match Perfection Foundation. Exciting - Right?...

Crazy things have been going on and this is definitely one of them. When Rimmel first contacted me, telling me that I would have to do a video showing their makeup while keeping my own style - Well, lets just say it felt like a dream. I've been using Rimmel products since like forever and it is definitely one of the top beauty brands. In short, I didn't think long before saying YES! 

If you haven't tried the Match Perfection Foundation yet, it is time to do so. I am not lying when I am saying that it has a weightless texture and covers perfectly any imperfections. I just love it. Moreover, not every foundation hydrates the face, but this one does. Conclusion? Your skin looks perfect, hydrated, well covered and most of all protected.

Wearing a Misguided blouse

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