We all know the typical new years "classic" resolutions, such as, be more patient, work more, eat less, gym more, drink less, find a boyfriend, help others and the oh so typical recycle. 
Ok guys, let's get real! 

  1. Let's all stop saying 2014 will be the year of healthiness! NO, 2014 will be like 2013 and maybe even worse. 
  2. Instead of changing 2014 habits, why not make them worse? I say, let's all stop being precious and start thinking about ourselves more!
  3. Can we all stop saying sorry for everything? You know sometimes i bump into someone, actually no the person bumps into me and i say sorry. Why? Well i don't know. I guess it's just the rules of society that made me very polite. Anyways, 2014 will be the year of no sorry.
  4. Is it possible a year without worries, stress and anxiety? Well, my fellow readers.. We have to make this happen, life will not stop putting stress on us, so WE have to change all this. Starting with work, a new essay to write? a new project? a new presentation?, easy we can do it. The trick is to always think it is possible, once we believe in ourselves and make our mind think that the work due is easy. No more stress. 
  5. Less distractions? No.. MORE! Why do we hear each year the famous "no more distractions"? I say more! Finish your work? No go play tennis. Go to the library? No go shopping! distractions are what makes our mind free from all anxiety, so in a way it makes us work more efficiently! So it's actually not that of a crazy resolution. 
  6. Save money! Nooooo, go shopping, go to the restaurant! Life is too short to save. And save for what? for a future vacation? we both know it won't happen. So just enjoy!
I wish you all a great New Year! 
Full of craziness, laughter and happiness. (success and health later)

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