Ah mondays... thanks god i'm in holiday! Which makes my monday like every other day, a day where i can do strictly nothing...

But today was not a lazy day, in fact, i was kind of busy working on my blog, baking cookies for the 100 time (still bad at it) and receiving packages. That's why after doing all this i decided to show you what i received, my new Nikes air max 90, what do you think about them? I never thought i was this girl, a "sneaker girl". Truly, i always thought that sneakers are very hard to wear (especially nikes), because if you wear them with sweatpants your outfit becomes very sporty but then if you want to make it more chic and elaborated outfit, that's where it becomes complicated! The trick is: Never do complicated, simple is the key. This is why i chose a simple/casual black top combined with a sexy/chic leather pant, accessorised with a cool arm bracelet. If you guys have any suggestions or tips feel free to share. Love, X

Ps. Regarding the cookies, if they are good i'll post the recipe on the blog soon.

T-Shirt, Zara 
Bag, Zadig & Voltaire 
Bracelet, Vintage
Leather pants, Zara  
Shoes, Nike (here)

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