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Happy boxing day people!! It's the second day of the big sales in London and i already spent too much.. Day 1: After going from shop to shop and not finding nothing i was kind of in a bad mood.. Until i entered the Russel and Bromley store and bought two Stuart Weizman over the knee boots. (info: they weren't on sale), i then told myself 'this is it you won't buy anything else, these two high boots were way too much, but then day 2 came.. Day 2: I personally enjoyed it very much. Indeed, after going to Harvey Nichols i went to Harrods where i went a bit crazy :p How could anyone resist 40% off? Well, i can't. This is why i decided to go straight to Louboutins and try to find the perfect shoe. Which i did. Well not the perfect shoe but the perfect shoes! Two pair of shoes nearly for the price of one, best deal ever! So we can say i pretty much enjoyed my day ;) What about you guys? I'd love to know what you found, don't hesitate to share. Have a good weekend and lots of shopping! Bye for now X

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