Blazer, Zara - T-shirt, BCBG - Boots, SK - Shorts, Zara (here) - Bracelet, Hermes

Yooo people! How are you today? I know i didn't post in a few days, but i had friends over all weekend, so it was impossible for me to take pictures! Anyway, Jay-Z was in town saturday, so i went with my crew to see him in concert! Was amazing, not only we had the chance to see Beyonce's husband but also, Timbaland and Chris Martin (Coldplay main singer). Anyway, let's talk fashion now, did you guys see Zara's new collection? simply beautiful. A mix of classic and chic style which i love. I bought these shorts last week, what i love about them is that i can wear them day as night, day with boots and a casual look and at night with heels and a nice shirt for a more formal and classy look. So if you have a Zara close by, go quick check it out before everything goes away! Kiss Kiss X 

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