Jacket, Zadig & Voltaire - Pants, Zara

Hello everyone! How was your week?? As you can see i just turned 19, getting old.. So thursday my boyfriend and my family organised me a surprise party. I was so happy to see all my friends reunited for my birthday! I have to say i don't feel any different, it went so fast, doesn't seem like my birthday was yesterday.. For the party my mom bought those giant balloons, so cute! Anyway, i bet you wanna know what i got, am i wrong?  
So from my boyfriend i got a super big super cool super pro Nikon camera, then from my family and friends the new mac book air, the tiny tiny one and finally money, oh and new surprises to come from my grandparents so keep updated guys! Anyway wish you all a good evening! i have an other birthday tonight, it's my third this week! Guess October is a good month :p bye bye people X

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