Jacket, Sandro - Denim shirt, Mango - Bag, Chanel - Pants, Zara - Hat, H&M (here) - 
Loafers, Alexander MQueen (here)

Hey there everyone! How was your day? For me horribly long.. I had class from 9 to 5, thought it would never end. Thankfully it did, after hours and hours i finally got out of Uni and got prepared for my friend's birthday. So i didn't have time to post today. This is why i am doing it at 3am in bed as im not sleepy.. Today's outfit was all about different layers and textures. As you can see, there are all sort of textures, cotton and leather for the jacket, denim for the shirt, suede for the loafers and wool and other stuff for the hat. It could seem like it's too much, but i don't think so! As long as it matches together you can mix any textures, it's what makes fashion so fun and creative!
Need to get some sleep now! Night night X

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