Leather jacket, Zara - Jeans, Castaner - Boots, SK - Bag, Chanel - Shirt, Zara

Yo people! How was your day like? For my part, i went to Camden, it's two weekends now that with my familly we do little discovery trips around london. Last weekend was Notting Hill and this weekend was Camden. It was such a fun day, started with a great lunch in this hidden restaurant right inside camden's market, with amazing food as you can see on the pic. After lunch it was all about digging into mountains of cool stuff to find the best of the best.
Starting with t-shirts, it's crazy the amount of different t-shirts they have with all the celebrities you can imagine on it. Then, painting and posters with funny drawings or pictures of classic movies. My dad bought one with all the avengers characters, now i will see it everyday when i go in the kitchen.. Oh well! For my part, i bought very cool and stylish things, such as a Chanel beanie and a Celine tee, you'll see in my next post ;)
Wish you all a good evening, bye for now X

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