September 10, 2013


Pull over, Zadig & Voltaire (here)- T-shirt, Zara - Jeans, Cimarron (here) - Hat, Top Shop
Boots, Ash (here) - Bag, Chanel

Hi there! How's everyone? Today i went for a walk on King's road (shopping) and the weather was just horrible. You know the kind of weather that isn't rainy nor sunny, just grey sky with no sunlight, i already feel my skin getting whiter.. Anyway my walk (shopping) was worth it, in fact after trying 100 different things in the Maje store i decided to be reasonable and i just bought one amazing pair of jeans! But i might go back soon as i saw many other things! ;)
I'll keep what i bought as a surprise, keep updated for my next post, suspense suspense..

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