September 22, 2013


Fur Jacket, Vintage - Jumper,  Benetton - Leather pants, Zara - Boots, Ash - Bag, Chanel - Varnish, Chanel (08 pirate) + OPI matte top coat

How i love and hate sundays.. Love the fact that it is a uni free day, and hate that it is the day before monday, what can we do about it? Today to forget a bit about the fact that tomorrow i have class i decided to go on a particular mission. In less than 10 days it's my birthday, so with my boyfriend i decided to go check at harrods possible gift ideas. My first choices were a mac air laptop as mine is too big and heavy for uni, and possibly a new camera as i don't really like the one i am using now, which is a Samsung galaxy camera. You'll tell me that it's not a real camera, but i really thought it was, i've been hipnotised by the publicity and didn't even check what i could do with it. I have to say that it takes really nice focused on small objects pictures, food and also holiday pictures such as landscap, but for the rest i am disappointed.. I realize that my blog pictures aren't like i want them to be.. So my mission was to fine my dream camera. Which i did, but was quite expensive, with the camera itself and a different lense it was more than 800 pounds.. I would rather prefer having a good one for 400 and have something else rather than spending 800 in a camera. 
What do you think? If you guys have any advices to help me find a good present idea or camera, feel free to share X

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