September 08, 2013


Pull over, Zadig & Voltaire - Jacket, Zara - Jeans, vintage -
Boots, Minelli - Scarf, Asos (here) - Bag, Chanel 

Hey guys! i hope you are all having a great sunday, i know that for most of you holidays are over and so sunday became a bad day again..
fortunately i am still in holidays, so i can still do lazy sundays walking around London!
I went shopping a bit, and i have to say i was disapointed by Zara.
I think it is the first time i go in and buy absolutely nothing, so i ended up going to H&M as i heard they made a great new collection, unfortunately i went in one of the smallest of London,
so i guess i'll have to go back tomorrow in a better one.
I really hate ending up a shopping day with nothing, it's such a bad feeling.. am i right?
So keep updated guys, i'll come back tomorrow with new goodies maybe from H&M who knows.. ;)
I wish you all a great sunday night! X

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