September 05, 2013


Hey guys! what's up? i hope you are all having a good night.
The last couple of days have been exhausting! I came back to London yesterday, so bye bye warm St Tropez and hello cold cold London, well not so cold for now! (Fingers crossed).
Anyways, since i'm back to London it's time for a HOLIDAY SUMMARY!!!
I already miss so much wearing shorts with just a bikini or going to the beach.
As you can see on those pictures, my summer was very adventurous (nooooot)!
 Indeed, it was only about, Bikinis, Swimming pool, jumping in the pool, ice cream only in a rose shape please! ;), Hipanema bracelet and finally my favorite beach called le Prao.
But don't get me wrong, i am very happy to be back in London, as i recently moved appartments it's nice to have some time and get used to the house, as i left straight away to France.
St Tropez is great but what people don't know is how it looks like in winter, with no shops opened, a few restaurants and most of all NO clubs. Not kidding, i lived there during 6 years!
So it's excited that i become a Londoner again! 

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