August 27, 2013


So today i decided to do my first "what's in my bag" post, but for the beach.
I heard of it before and i found the idea very interesting!

So, what's in my bag when i go to the beach?
The first thing i take is a towel, which is the most important, 
then the second most important thing is the cream! 
I am using a Biotherm sun cream because my skin is very sensitive and it protects it very well!

I also always take a brush because my hair means everything to me, 
so as soon as i get out of water i brush my hair, don't judge!

What's very important aswell is to take a hat, it protects your from getting an insolation 
and protects your face from sun burns if you are used to fall asleep like me!

I usually take headphones in case there's annoying kids on the beach, i'm not being mean, i just love the sound of the waves and calm!

Finally my everyday cosmetic and stuff pouch, where i put hand gel, lipbalm etc etc.

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